The Manju Shahul-Hameed Foundation (MSF) was formed on 1st May 2017, with the intention of bringing together different communities within Croydon and the UK to empathize with those in need and to help them battle their struggles.


    Our vision is to build a future where suffering from mental illness will not be anything to be ashamed of and where the aged won’t be left to live a lonely life. There are many such people who may be feeling insecure, vulnerable and unworthy at the moment. Unfortunately, they may end up struggling till the end of their lives, though they don’t actually deserve it. Therefore, MSF focuses on letting such communities mingle with each other and thereby, support each other to lead a better life.


    Our mission is to provide a blissful life to those in need by bringing together communities to care for each other.

    • Training

      We provide free first aid training in the community.

    • Harmony

      We organize and celebrate festivals of different faiths in the community.

    • Cooperate

      We work with organizations who share the same vision as ours.

  • We put in efforts to promote positive ageing through our themes ‘Design your legacy’ and ‘Gift of growing’ and by providing welfare support.

Our Causes

Our foundation provides support to those in need.

Our Aim 'Promoting the value of mindfulness'

Our Team

We work to help those communities in need of support


MSF recognizes the needs of the members of the communities and helps them to lead a life of confidence and happiness by supporting them emotionally and financially.

  • Become A Volunteer

    Be a part of our mission by becoming an MSF volunteer. We welcome anyone interested and committed, young or old, to work for our cause. You definitely have a big role to play in our foundation.


Latest From the Events

Every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven

  • Mind and body

    A well attended Mind and Body session on 21st November 2018, reminding the attendees to not to separate the inseparable as mental and physical health conditions are connected. Other topics covered are[...]

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  • Dementia Awareness Session

    A very successful Dementia awareness session was organised at Parchmore Medical Centre for the staff and the community, providing information on the symptoms and on what to do when someone has Dementia.[...]

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  • Feeding the Homeless

    From October 2018, the charity has started the Monthly Feeding the Homeless project. We are working in partnership with West Croydon Methodist church to provide the food for the homeless people[...]

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  • Onam With Homeless

    Manju Shahul - Hameed Foundation for Mental Health hosted an onam feast for the homeless people at West Croydon Methodist Church. The feast was provided by the Aswathi Restaurant in the Mitcham Road of Croydon.[...]

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We are Really Proud of Our Kind Donors.

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