April 16, 2024

The Manju Shahul-Hameed Foundation organised a heartwarming event to share food and love with the homeless people in Croydon, as they have been doing every month for several years now. This event took place on 3rd April 2024 in West Croydon Methodist Church and brought together a huge community of unique individuals, and each and every person loved every minute of the event; not just the people who attended but also the volunteers! That one day brightened so many peoples’ lives, and it just goes to show that every small act of kindness can mean the world for someone else.

This event would not have been possible without The Tava Shop sponsoring all the food on the day. They sponsor the food for the Feeding the Homeless event, twice a year. The generosity of The Tava Shop, sponsoring all the food, epitomises the spirit of community, involvement and compassion, as articulated by owner Vivek Balakrishnan. “It is amazing what the MS Foundation is doing for society. The Tava Shop is indeed absolutely privileged to be part of this noble cause and to provide food for the homeless.”

A guest who collected the food, Amanda, said “The food was splendid, the chicken biriyani was delicious, the whole day was just so much fun. Everyone was super friendly, and I felt right at home.” All the attendees were really pleased with everything about the event, from the food, and the hospitality of the volunteers to the chatter and laughter from everyone there. Millie, a volunteer at the church, said “The event was a huge success. The Manju Shahul-Hameed foundation works extremely hard every month to make this Homeless Feeding possible. I’m so glad that everyone who attended enjoyed and that I could be part of such a charitable cause.” Overall, everyone enjoyed it, and the message of love, kindness and belonging was spread amongst everyone who attended.

Their shared sentiment reflects the enduring power of compassion in brightening lives and fostering belonging within society. It brought the community together and a day of laughter, food, chatter and fun was enjoyed by everyone.


Shradha Unnithan